Here are a few comments past clients have made after their Helifishing Adventure. We are also on Trip Advisor if you wish to reveiw more reports.

  • I have fished in many parts of the world for different species, and I could not believe that such an exciting adventure could be so close to my door step! Had I have realized this I would have done it long ago. It is certainly one trip I will be returning to. I have and will recommend this operation as one of the best. Positive Pilot, Positive Attitude, Positive Outcomes!!!! Great work.! Regards

    Jeff Murray
  • Recently my wife and I as long term Territorians wanted to celebrated a significant milestone by doing something different. Being mad keen on fishing we decided to give the helicopter fishing a go and booked a full day tour with HeliFish. Words like fantastic, brilliant, awesome, breathtaking, exceptional and amazing come to mind, but the HeliFish experience cannot be described, it is an experience. It is an experience that can only be fully appreciated by spending a day flying over amazing country, landing at special places, catching fish and being in good company. We were looking for a unique experience to celebrate a special occasion, and Mark Rolle provided that in bucket loads. A true gentleman, Mark’s attention to detail, silky smooth flying skills, patience and enthusiasm was only matched by his interest in protecting the environment, preserving what are clearly special places and explaining all the things in it. The fishing was easy, it was most enjoyable but it was only a small part of the experience. The experience was unique in the true sense and will be difficult to match. If you can find an experience to match using the R44 helicopter to go fishing, or if you can find a more rewarding value for money experience, I am interested in it. Mark and the HeliFish team, thanks.

    Kevin L
  • I would just like to say thank you for an amazing unforgettable fishing experience. Matt & I still cant stop talking about it to everyone and Matt can’t stop bragging about his catch. I have attached the photo of Matt & his big one for you to add to your gallery if you wish. Once again thank you and if we get the chance we would definately do another Helifish adventure without a doubt.

    Leah Rafton
  • VERY IMPRESSIVE to say the least, Emily was blown away when we picked her up in the Chopper from her work, She loved the trip out past the wetlands and over Corroberee & Shady camp. We were very impressed with Bammuru wilderness resort and the high level of service that they provide, the lunch, the tours was very well done and we strongly recommend it to those who are thinking about it. To top it all off the flight back was awesome and the fishing was great even though we Emily didn’t manage to get her first barra we did manage to catch every other species of fish including a nice Golden Snapper. Emily and I would like to thank Mark from Helifish and the team from Bammuru for a great expierence, one we will never forget. All the best.

    Nathan & Emily Corpus
  • The ONLY way to chase Barra. The top end is a vast frontier of great scenery and more importantly great fishing opportunities. When you helifish you not only get the best look at the magnificent scenery but you also give yourself the greatest opportunity of catching that elusive monster Barra. You could spend days, or years trekking from one creek to the next or you could HELIFISH, smooth riding from creek to creek, multiple opportunities to find the where they are actually biting and hooking into them. Mark is a great host, looks after absolutely everything and makes it possible for even the least experienced angler to catch a big one. Its the 5 star way of seeing some great country and catching some great fish! I will definitely be back. Cheers

  • Hi Mark, I just wanted to send an email to say thanks for Sunday’s helifishing trip. We both had such a great time! Better than anticipated.

    I knew that the day would be great however it most definitely exceeded our expectations and more! You are a fantastic guide and you will be highly recommended – which I am sure you already are anyway. We will be looking at booking another trip with you for run off next year. If you could advise some dates where you are free / available to take us during April / May 2013, that would be much appreciated. As you had mentioned I know you are fairly booked up for this time so thought it be best if you let me know when you can take us would be better than us trying to find a day : )

    Thanks again Mark! I look forward to hearing from you, cheers

  • Wow thank you so much for a wonderful experience!! I really wanted to let you know how amazing our Helifishing experience was, apart from being a day of making memories that will be remembered by Dan and I for many years to come and bragging rights might I add. As you would now be aware I am a ‘FishingNazi” but the Helifish experience did not disappoint, it met all of my expectations and more. From the moment we clipped up the belts the smile from ear to ear was imprinted and returns everytime I think about the day or look at my awesome pics and videos!! The service you provide is a fantastic once in a life time opportunity, hopefully more than that for Dan and I. Part of the success was spending the day with a guide (yourself) who was client focused, well prepared and easy to get along with, you set the pace for the day and we followed your lead. We both also really appreciated the extra care you took once we spotted a friendly croc, knowing that you were keeping watch made it easier for me to simply enjoy the experience. You were more than happy to share your knowledge and techniques in fishing the areas you are familiar with. It was also really fun when you showed us how the Helicopter worked and the agility of it. Thanks a million.

    Tach and Daniel Pethick
  • Catching a Barramundi from the mouth of a creek after being flown there by helicopter has been on my bucket list for over a decade, so last week I went out with HeliFish for a full day’s fishing. A good mate an I were taken out to Anson Bay by pilot Tommy, and the service I received from both Mark and Tommy can only be described as second to none. These guys run a tight ship, and the condition of the helicopters and their local and technical knowledge make this obvious from the minute you sign up.


    With plenty of Barra caught over the day, I managed a really fat 79cm in the morning session followed by a cracker 91cm over the lunch break. As I said to a mate on return, even if I hadn’t landed a fish for the whole day, the helicopter side of the experience is worth the money. The sensational and remote coastline, floodplains with bird and other wildlife, and the crocodiles too! Over the course of the day I managed to get some great footage posted on YouTube (theoffishalangler channel) as OFFISHAL TV: Episode 1 (In Search of Barra). Have a look at that and you will see how very cool this experience was.


    Thanks heaps guys, as I say in the episode – this was the best day of my life! My only advice – do the full day, it is worth every cent.

    ‘The OfFISHal Angler’
  • No doubt about it, the experience was fantastic – every aspect of the day. I was lucky enough to be on the trip with Nathan when he caught the 1.25m barra- just watching that was an awesome experience. Mark, you provide a great service, and it was a fun and exciting day and a priviledge to travel over that country in the chopper. Would do it again in a heart beat.

    Tracy Masterson

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